About RedTail

RedTail Web was formed to solve one problem.  How can real estate professionals tap into the 94% or more of buyers that are using the web to search for real estate without it taking over their life?

Lisa Delaney

Lisa Delaney

In her job as Vice President of Marketing for Jackson Hole Sotheby’s International Realty, Lisa Delaney was faced with this question on a near daily basis.  After researching and trying many different solutions, Lisa came up with a “wish list” of features in a website.

  1. The site needed to be fast regardless of where the visitor is located
  2. It needed to be stable & reliable
  3. It needed to be easy to update & maintain
  4. It needed to be backed by world class support
  5. It needed to offer a CREST listing feed
  6. It needed to offer one or more MLS feeds
  7. It needed easy to use and highly customizable listing search functionality
  8. It needed to be flexible enough to reflect the personality and style of each individual agent
  9. It needed to be fantastic for SEO
  10. It needed to have the best blogging platform available today, WordPress
  11. Finally, wouldn’t it be great if everything was provided by one company so, in the event of a problem, she never had multiple vendors pointing the finger at each other while nobody was actually dealing with the issue

After literally years of searching, she had not even come close.  She had tried virtually every vendor out there from cookie-cutter off the shelf solutions to full custom solutions.  They all fell short on multiple dimensions resulting in unhappy agents and countless hours wasted for the hapless marketing VP.

Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee

Enter Matthew Lee.  A web developer and internet marketing consultant, Matthew was first hired on to dig into the slipping search engine rankings of Jackson Hole Sotheby’s and get the company back on top in Google and those other guys.  Matthew and Lisa worked closely together on the brokerage website.  In time, Lisa shared her frustration with the lack of a good solution for her agents’ websites.  She knew how important such sites were to the success of the agents and the brokerage, but due to the poor options available and the budget constraints of the agents, few of the agents had their own site.

From there, Matthew & Lisa started working together to identify the challenges that needed to be addressed and how best to tackle them. They came up with an action list, a list of preferred vendors they could work with and set to work.

Once they saw the success of the new sites for the agents, they thought it would only be logical to start offering the same types of sites to the rest of the Sotheby’s International Realty network.

And that is how RedTail Web was born.

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