Content Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

It’s official. Google has declared that an important key to marketing prowess in the online world is fresh, local and relevant content. And this is good for real estate marketers. We understand that cookie cutter second-rate websites with a generic IDX feed are just not cutting it anymore. It is time to get strategic about real estate marketing. Today – you need a smart, nimble site that lets you demonstrate your expertise – not just claim it. In my office here in Jackson Hole, I have alway … [Read more...]

To Blog or Not to Blog

In my perfect world I would hop out of bed each morning excited to head into my office  (which I actually do love) dressed, pressed and ready to rock the world. I would arrive at my desk early after stopping at my favorite coffee spot (no line of course) and log onto my computer to do my morning blog post. (It only takes 10 minutes!) Well, ok. Once and awhile I do have a morning with no riffles and the above does happen. But, well, life happens and oftentimes there might be a snag in your … [Read more...]

Hiding Listing Searches Behind a Sign Up is Lame (and bad for you)

As a real estate website developer, I constantly get the question "should I have people sign up for my site before I let them search listings?" The answer is always the same, no. The reality is that there is nothing faster that will scare off a casual visitor to your site than asking them to fill out a form with contact information before you let them search listings. Visions of Glengarry Glen Ross type agents constantly calling or emailing them will have them hitting the back button faster … [Read more...]