To Blog or Not to Blog

coffee_buttonIn my perfect world I would hop out of bed each morning excited to head into my office  (which I actually do love) dressed, pressed and ready to rock the world. I would arrive at my desk early after stopping at my favorite coffee spot (no line of course) and log onto my computer to do my morning blog post. (It only takes 10 minutes!)

Well, ok. Once and awhile I do have a morning with no riffles and the above does happen.

But, well, life happens and oftentimes there might be a snag in your morning (unexpected showing – yay! ;  what – you didn’t get that counter offer? ; long, long line at coffee shop). But don’t worry.

I used think blogging was like writing a college paper. It is not. Blogging and to_blog_or_not_to_blogwriting content for your site is  a lot more fun. Remember that winning conversation you had last night about a commercial real estate sale that is going to open up new buisiness opportunities in town? It was great that your best friend got excited about it – but what if your whole community could hear about it?

That is blogging.

It is simply a conversation about interesting developments that you would like people to know about. You are “in the know” and now you can educate people.

So, shoot for a goal of blogging each day (just relive that interesting conversation you had last night) but don’t stress. Worst case, you don’t blog at all – your RedTail site will still be updated each night. Best case, you start forming a following of new potential clients.

But most of all remember, this isn’t a college thesis, this is just you telling an interesting story.

Happy writing.